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US gas goes south: A review of Mexico's infrastructure

US gas goes south: A review of Mexico's infrastructure

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As Mexico continues its efforts to phase out oil use for power generation, gas-fired capacity looks set to surge. By 2030, total demand for natural gas in Mexico is expected to reach 7.8 bcfd (80.6 bcm), with 68% of the growth attributed to power generation. With such strong growth plans, concerns arise on how the gas will be supplied. Mexico faces many challenges to supply this gas from domestic production, as new sources like shale gas in the Burgos basin or deepwater efforts (Lakach) have...

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  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction
  • Gas demand
  • Decline in domestic production
    • What can make supply grow?
    • If there is an energy reform…
  • Gas infrastructure
    • New pipeline projects.
    • Pipelines that increase import capacity
    • Pipelines that will allow more flexibility
  • Conclusion

In this report there are 8 tables or charts, including:

  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction
    • Chart 1: Power generation capacity by region 2011
    • Map 1: Power control regions in Mexico
  • Gas demand
    • Map 2: New gas fired power plants
  • Decline in domestic production
    • Chart 2: Natural gas market supply-demand
    • Chart 3: Dry gas production available for sales
  • Gas infrastructure
    • Map 3: New gas infrastructure by company
    • Chart 4. LNG imports by terminal
    • Chart 5. LNG import forecast and contracted demand
  • Conclusion
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