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Asset Report

YPF - Neuquen basin other fields

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28 May 2021

YPF - Neuquen basin other fields

Report summary

The present report encompasses ten YPF assets in the Neuquina basin, located in Neuquen, Río Negro and Mendoza provinces. This group of fields accounts for roughly 95% of the remaining reserves of YPF's assets in Neuquina basin, that are not covered by dedicated analyses. The remainder of fields, which are also not covered by individual analyses, are included in the YPF Minor Fields Report.The most important assets from a remaining reserves perspective are Señal ...

Table of contents

Tables and charts

This report includes 18 images and tables including:

  • Key facts: Table 1
  • Index Map
  • Detail Map
  • Reserves and resources: Table 1
  • Production: Table 1
  • Production: Table 2
  • Production Chart
  • Cash Flow
  • Economic analysis: Table 2
  • Economic analysis: Table 3
  • Split of Revenues
  • Cumulative Net Cash Flow - Undiscounted
  • Cumulative Net Cash Flow - Discounted at 10% from 01/01/2023
  • Remaining Present Value Price Sensitivities
  • Costs: Table 1
  • Costs: Table 2
  • Costs: Table 3
  • Sales contracts: Table 1

What's included

This report contains:

  • Document

    YPF - Neuquen basin other fields

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    YPF - Neuquen basin other fields

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