Is gas the green choice?

See how the emissions benchmarking tool can answer this question

Oil and gas companies are under increasing pressure to disclose the climate impact of their business and decarbonize their operations. But these efforts come in the midst of an energy crisis – with natural gas at its epicentre.

Natural gas has been considered the “green” alternative among fossil fuels for decades – as supply constraints are pushing investment on technologies such as LNG, we explore whether gas can continue to be the green solution in the future.

With the help of Wood Mackenzie’s Emissions Benchmarking Tool we will analyse different oil and gas production and supply configurations, with concrete examples and a regional perspective.

Join us on Thursday 13th October as our experts will review scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions for oil and gas fields around the world.

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  • The relative weight of each category of emissions on the whole
  • How oil versus gas fare in terms of total emissions intensity in each category
  • Discuss what are the most emissions-intensive processes
  • Look into who the frontrunners are and why. And how this varies by geography

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