Webinar | US Energy Storage Market Update

Fueled by the IRA, energy storage is a rapidly growing market critical to enabling renewable integration and ensuring grid reliability. 

The grid-scale segment dominates the current buildout and outlook, driven by policy, early revenue opportunities in ancillary markets paired with growing price volatility through time, and thermal retirements.  

Join our Energy Storage experts on Tuesday, 26 September as we review our latest 10-year outlook for the US storage market and the revenue opportunities for grid-scale storage in key markets.

We will address the following questions:   

  • Where are policies and retirements supporting the greatest buildout of storage and when? 
  • What markets show strong revenue opportunities for storage, what does the current merchant stack look like, and how is it expected to evolve? 
  • What challenges does the energy storage industry face to grow now that supply chain constraints have eased?


Allison Weis

Global Head of Storage

Allison leads our global research into energy storage.

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