Plummeting solar costs remake the power landscape in Asia Pacific

Snapshots from Wood Mackenzie’s annual levelised cost of electricity (LCOE) outlook

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Theme and topics

Battle for the future 2024: Plummeting solar costs remake the power landscape in Asia Pacific

  • Will renewables capex continue to drop? Has cost inflation peaked?
  • Can Chinese non-solar power technologies expand beyond its borders to offer a competitive edge in the Asia Pacific sub regions?
  • Can offshore wind be competitive? How long will it take before it becomes competitive with conventional power technologies?
  • Can new clean fuels such as green hydrogen and ammonia compete against other power sources in the future? What will it take?

Meet our experts

Sooraj Narayan

Senior Research Analyst, APAC Power & Renewables

Sooraj specialises in power and renewables modelling and analytical research, focusing on the Indian power market.

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About the insight

The webinar content is built based on Wood Mackenzie's Asia Pacific power and renewables competitiveness report, providing an analysis and outlook to 2050 for power technology and generation cost trends in Asia Pacific. It includes levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) data and assumptions covering 26 key technologies across 15 major markets regionally. The report also examines competition between renewable power, fossil fuel power and dispatchable power in each country, as well as giving an overview of the key factors driving costs for each technology.

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