Webinar | Cutting through hydrogen cost confusion

The global low-carbon hydrogen sector is off to a slow start in 2024, but policy clarity, funding round announcements, offtake agreements and project FIDs are expected before end of year. As the market begins to materialize project costs are narrowing and investment figures crystallizing. These developments are markers for true hydrogen investment costs in an embryonic market. 

There are no lack of hurdles for the hydrogen market and stimulating the demand sector has been the greatest due to high cost of production and delivery. Global trade of hydrogen and its derivatives is in the near future and transportation costs, infrastructure and logistics are going to be key.

 In this webinar, we will kick-off with a comprehensive overview of current cost trends for electrolysers, balance of plant and EPC components at a high-level available in Lens Hydrogen Discovery.

In our second presentation, we will delve deeper into Lens Valuations, offering detailed insights into specific project economics. Discover which projects are forging ahead, breaking ground, or already operational, and gain an understanding of the competitive advantages that set them apart.

Lastly, we willll explore the future of hydrogen transportation with updates to our ammonia conversion, shipping, and cracking models. Don't miss this opportunity to gain actionable insights and stay ahead in the dynamic world of hydrogen economics.

The webinars will follow the below outline:



Session Lead

5 minutes

Welcome and introduction


Murray Douglas

10 minutes

Comprehensive overview of current cost trends


Bridget Van Dorsten

10 minutes

Detailed insights into specific project economics


Greig Boulstridge

10 minutes

A deeper dive into hydrogen transportation and trade


Monica Trilho

10 minutes

Q&A Session

Murray Douglas


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3D render of hydrogen pipelines in a field with wind turbines in the distance.

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