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Gold Research Suite

In-depth gold market analysis that helps you benchmark against competitors, evaluate opportunities, and position yourself for growth.

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Assess investment opportunities and make cost-effective sourcing decisions

Our in-depth gold market analysis allows you to compare the performance of your competitors and partners to understand corporate challenges, opportunities and trends. Evaluate M&A opportunities, analyse industry trends, benchmark yourself against your competition, and anticipate future growth.

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Designed to help you

With coverage of 145 new projects and 391 operating mines as well as access to leading analysts and bi-annual insight report covering 400 assets, and 907 assets models to 2040, we help you:

  • Access online cost models for each gold mine we cover
  • Understand key data at the asset, company and country level
  • Costs, cash flows and production forecasts
  • Project data and project incentive price analysis
  • Mine-by-mine / project-by-project analysis
  • Obtain comprehensive analysis on emerging trends around the world

What do you get with the Gold Research Suite?

Our Gold Mine Cost Service provides reliable granular asset models, which you can use to access the asset-level data through our portal and tools. As well as full access to our analysts to discuss our data in greater detail, it also gives you:

Gold Mine Cost Service

Gold Mine Cost Service

As well as access to our expert gold analysts,


You also receive:

  • The ability to stress test assets by flexing production metrics, cost metrics and economic assumptions
  • Assets modelled out to 2040 and all have a detailed asset note
  • Quarterly supply summary report detailing historical trends and our outlook
  • Project insight published twice a year, including our database providing detailed information on over 325 early-stage projects.

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For details on how your data is used and stored, see our Privacy Notice.
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