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Europe Coal Burn Report

Understand generation pattern changes across the European fuel stack

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Get an edge with accurate, timely European coal demand estimates

Get the most up-to-date coal demand estimates for the European power sector on a country-by-country basis. Our ability to develop these estimates starts with thousands of our EMF monitors deployed outside power plants throughout Europe, measuring generation output in real-time. From these calculations, we estimate total coal consumption at the plant level. By correlating real-time coal consumption to publicly reported data that lags the market, we generate highly reliable European coal consumption estimates. In most European countries, we monitor well over 60% of all coal capacity, and in some countries, our coverage is greater than 90%. 

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Learn how the US coal burn report can help.

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Timely insights

We send out our report every Monday, unlike public European sources who publish their data monthly. 

Highest quality data

Understand coal versus gas switching with the most timely, complete information.  

Understand your next move

Adapt coal marketing and buying strategies based on the most recently available information. Understand the extent to which natural gas may or may not be displacing coal-fired generation