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The real-time European power market solution for traders

A robust, ready-to-run, integrated platform that helps you stay ahead of fast-moving power markets

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Get ahead of the curve

Stay ahead of the competition with real-time notifications about unpredictable market events up to an hour ahead of generally published updates. Use our high-quality data and custom alerts to determine which generation and transmission outages will drive congestion, where and by how much. 

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Identify short-term opportunities

Combine up-to-the minute proprietary data with bespoke, sophisticated modelling to efficiently monitor and analyse power market dynamics. Use our insights into short-term supply and demand movements and fundamental market drivers to anticipate and predict future pricing. 

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Maximise upside while minimising risk

Exploit the first-mover advantage and in-depth understanding we provide to maximise upside opportunities and minimise risk. Benefit from volatility whether prices move up or down, using our data and insight to optimise your trading in day-ahead and intraday markets. 

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Assess strategic growth opportunities

Access and analyse over a decade’s worth of comprehensive data on historic power market dynamics to develop and enhance your trading and hedging strategies. Model supply stacks and line flows to discover potential patterns and opportunities in the market, especially in terms of congestion. 

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Visualise key data

Enjoy the benefits of having quick-to-build and easy-to interpret data visualisations at your fingertips. Construct bespoke in-house models based on comprehensive, detailed historical and current data to gain insight into market dynamics and support rapid decision making. 

Why do thousands of traders use Wood Mackenzie’s European power market products?

To gain first-mover advantage

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To maximise opportunity and profit 

To minimise risk and losses 

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