Case Study

How can an upstream operator identify potential carbon-related risks?

Discover how our Carbon Benchmarking Study helped a large conglomerate understand the potential future emissions profile of an acquisition target

The Challenge

A large conglomerate was interested in acquiring a pre-FID asset in the UK North Sea. However, with the uncertainty regarding UK carbon policy and participation in the EU ETS post-Brexit the company's business development team wanted to understand the asset's future emissions profile, together with the potential financial liability associated with those emissions.

The Solution

Download our case study to find out how our Upstream Emissions Tool, developed as part of our Upstream Carbon Benchmarking Study, Positioning for the future, helped our customer.

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Whether you’re interested in comparing your own carbon emissions to those of your peers, looking for carbon-related intelligence to inform your emissions strategy, or are curious about the risks to your investment portfolio containing companies with upstream assets, we are here to help.

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Gavin Law, Head of Gas and Power Consulting

Gavin Law, Head of Gas, LNG & Carbon Consulting

Case Study

How can investors assess the climate-related risk in their portfolios?