Optimising national mining policy for sustainable economic growth

Navigating the complex world of metals and mining licensing rounds

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Governing and regulating the metals and mining sector is increasingly becoming more complex.

Social, environmental and investment pressures on diminishing natural resources mean governments and the public sector have a difficult line to tread: it's a balancing act between making the most of the economic opportunity and distributing value fairly.

Governments must consider:

  • How to promote development of the mining sector while keeping its various risks at bay?
  • Can jurisdictions be attractive for foreign investors while supporting and rejuvenating the local economy?
  • How to keep up with ever-changing conditions, such as volatile prices, trade barriers and other moves by competing jurisdictions?

Our tailor-made offering can help governments of all sizes navigate this challenging landscape.

If good mineral deposits exist in the ground, investors will naturally be drawn to develop them. The government just needs to decide how open to leave the door and what the house rules should be.

What's involved in our analysis?

  1. We start with a thorough diagnosis of what's already in place: how does the current approach stack up against industry best practice?
  2. We consider the details: commodity prioritisation, target setting and portfolio management
  3. We then design a strategic roadmap, with detailed action plans and recommendations on how to go forward.
Case Study

Maximising the value of mining in Oman

Read our case study here

A proven methodology

We've worked with a variety of governments – provincial and regional  – to maximise the value of their mineral resources. 


We developed a strategy to optimise the benefits from Botswana's estimated 212 billion tonnes of coal reserves and diversify from its historical overdependence on diamonds.


We helped Ecuador’s mining authority to diversify the economy in the face of crippling oil prices by turning the country’s stalled mining sector into a driver of economic growth.

As well as conducting a strategic review, we worked side-by-side with the government to implement the recommended strategy. View the case study.


We worked with the Ministry of Petroleum of Egypt to formulate a detailed mining strategy and implementation plan to unlock the country’s great geological potential. We continue to support the Government of Egypt with this challenging transformational agenda.

Government of Greenland

We benchmarked Greenland's fiscal regime against other jurisdictions – including successful, similar and emerging mining countries – in order to improve its competitiveness and attract exploration investment.