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Gain essential insight into supply/demand, capacity developments and price forecasts to understand today’s markets and tomorrow’s trends.

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Cutting edge data on ethylene price and markets

Underpinned by our long term data and analysis, our Ethylene services provide you with an overview of price and markets. The services will help you to better understand feedstock trends and also build a picture of supply/demand of ethylene’s key derivatives, particularly polyethylene.

Features at a glance

We offer three services that provide detailed analysis on the ethylene market:

  • Ethylene short-term service
  • Ethylene long-term service
  • Ethylene asset benchmarking tool (ABT)

Ethylene short-term service

Gain an integrated view of global short-term supply and demand, capacities, and pricing with granular analysis and expert insights of chemical markets.

Our short-term service includes a monthly report with analysis and forecasting of global ethylene markets, focusing on developments in North America, Europe, and Asia. Our models are updated monthly producing an interpretive report which quickly summarizes essential market dynamics. Our report uses an integrated view of naphtha, NGLs, and other feedstocks through the ethylene chemical chains.            

In the Americas section, the report iteratively solves the market with an asset optimization model, leveraging research around constraints on inventories, plant uptime, market sentiment, etc. The model predicts changes in feedstock choices available to participants and provides our asset optimization view.                                       

Ethylene long-term service

Optimise your market position and commercial strategy with an integrated view of long-term market dynamics and strategic insights of global ethylene markets.

Our long-term ethylene service is updated twice per year with analysis and forecasting of the global ethylene market over the next 30 years and a historical view back to 2005. The service leverages an integrated view of energy, NGLs, refined products and other feedstocks through to the ethylene derivative value-chains.

The service covers supply, demand, trade and regional price, cost, and margin forecasts for ethylene. The underlying analysis incorporates feedstock and technology assessments as part of the global supply/demand balance. Forecast global demand is built up from an in-house economic view and integration into parallel services covering the major ethylene derivatives.                                                  

Ethylene asset benchmarking tool (ABT)

Optimise your commercial strategy with an integrated view of long-term market dynamics and strategic insights of global chemical markets.

Our ethylene ABT integrates with our other asset benchmarking tools to provide a comprehensive view of the market. The tool models each ethylene production asset globally including firm/likely projects, presenting feedslate, cost, production, outages, margins, earnings, co-products, and more to characterise individual production units via all technologies.

  • ~400 ethylene asset models.
  • Full granular detail for all ethylene assets globally.
  • Annual history and forecast through 2040.
  • Ability to run scenario cases

Visit this page for more information on our asset benchmarking services.

  • ~400

    detailed asset profiles

  • 20-30 year


  • Access

    to global chemicals analyst team

Designed to help you:
  • Gain insight into the olefins production outlook and the implications for feedstocks as well as end product markets
  • Understand olefin fundamentals worldwide
  • Access the latest pricing data throughout the olefin value chain
  • Screen for investment opportunities in new markets
  • Discover information on policy, regulation, prices and infrastructure
  • Explore an integrated view with our aromatics analysis and upstream data

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