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Recycled PET

Understand the commercial and strategic drivers of Recycled PET supply and demand, price forecasts and leading market trends.

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Examine the outook of the RPET industry and identify potential opportunities

With an ever growing focus on plastics and its impact on the environment, we offer unparalleled coverage of the RPET industry and the role of recycling in the packaging segments through short- and long-term data, insights, and analysis across the RPET supply chain.

Features at a glance

For the recycled polyethylene terephthalate (RPET) packaging industry, we offer two services:

  • Recycled polyethylene terephthalate (RPET) short term service
  • Recycled polyethylene terephthalate (RPET) long-term service

Recycled polyethylene terephthalate (RPET) short-term service

Gain an integrated view of global short-term supply and demand, capacities and pricing with granular analysis and expert insights of chemical markets.

Our recycled PET short-term service covers key industry events, including global analysis on market trends and regional pricing. The service includes additional coverage on major new industry developments as they occur. It provides in-depth analysis on regional supply and demand, production, trade dynamics as well a brief overview of the current PET resin and raw materials outlook.  Regional bale, flake and food-grade pellet prices are covered and are often cited in contracts involving buyers and sellers of PET & RPET resins. Additionally, regional flake prices are forecast for 12 months, included for Asia, US, and Europe.

The report includes regulatory developments, market trends in recovery, reclamation, supply and demand as well as advances in technologies and applications for the manufacture and use of RPET. Also included is relevant market-impacting news highlighting mergers, acquisitions and reclaimer and end-use capacity announcements. Additionally, we cover major brand commitments and progress made towards recycling and sustainability targets related to the development of the circular economy.                   

Recycled polyethylene terephthalate (RPET) long-term service

Optimise your commercial strategy with an integrated view of long-term market dynamics and strategic insights of global chemical markets.

Our long-term service provides the latest supply/demand analytics, including history back to 2010 and forecasts out to 2050, collection volumes and rates, bale and flake trade flows and end-use consumption volumes and penetration rates, reclaimer and end users’ capacities in excel format.

The RPET long-term service includes:

  • Country-level data on 140 separate countries and regions, looking at supply and demand dynamics out to 2050.
  • Detailed end-use segmentation, capacity and production data, collection and operating rates by country and region.
  • Functional charting dashboard to enable easy generation of charts for analysis and client reports.
  • Price outlook to 2050 for Asia, US, and Europe covering key RPET price series of bale, flake, and food-grade pellets.
  • Existing reclaimer and end-use capacities by site and location and latest views on future project start-up dates.
  • A written report covering regional and global summaries to compliment the long-term data and provide insight into Wood Mackenzie’s views on the market. The report includes analysis on bale, flake and food-grade pellet pricing data, regulatory updates, brand commitments, trade restrictions and bans, and other key market developments and general market commentary, delivered in PowerPoint format.
Designed to help you:
  • Examine the outlook on production, prices and profitability for RPET, its key feedstocks and end use markets
  • Understand the supply/demand outlook both globally and on a regional level
  • Identify inter-regional trade patterns and arbitrage opportunities
  • Assess the impacts of plant outages, supply restrictions, technology changes and other factors
  • Review collection rates, flake and pellet analysis
  • Understand the impact on the fibres and bottle industries

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