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Benchmark integrated refinery-petrochemical assets and empower portfolio, strategy and M&A decision-making.

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Assess the competitiveness of integrated refinery-petrochemicals assets around the world

As the energy transition shifts the drivers of oil demand towards petrochemicals, refinery integration is becoming an important growth strategy.

In order to remain competitive, refiners are increasingly expanding their product range by forward integrating their output to include petrochemicals while petrochemical companies are also backward integrating their offerings. This generates an increasing need to have a detailed understanding of integrated refinery-petrochemical sites to form a complete view of the industry.

Refinery Evaluation Model Chemicals (REM-Chemicals) is a global integrated refinery-petrochemical database and asset benchmarking service to inform a company or portfolio’s diversification strategies and identify investment opportunities.

  • 140

    individual metrics available for benchmarking

  • 200+

    newly modelled integrated refinery-petrochemical sites

  • Like for like

    comparison and ranking of site profitability

  • In-depth

    commercial intelligence on individual sites


Benchmark integrated refinery-petrochemical assets and empower portfolio, strategy and M&A decision making with REM-Chemicals.

Features at a glance

Get a comprehensive global view of integrated refining-petrochemical assets to assess site and value chain competitiveness.

With REM-Chemicals, you gain a full view of integrated site outputs. This enables multi-site benchmarking, informs valuations of integrated refinery-petrochemical assets and allows you to conduct due diligence on new investments or screen target acquisitions.

You will receive:

  • Annual publication of financial model file containing integrated refinery-petrochemical capacities, crude slates, operating costs, product yields, refinery and company weighted average net cash margins
  • Quarterly publication of integrated refinery-petrochemical project investments, infrastructure and transactions
  • Quarterly update of project status and assessment of project likelihood
  • Refinery benchmarking data to provide view of individual integrated refinery-petrochemical profiles or groups of sites across the world
  • Access to 200+ global integrated refinery-petrochemical site models
  • Regular insight publications analysing key issues and trends in the integrated refinery-petrochemical industry
  • Access to our refinery and petrochemical specialist analysts for questions 
Designed to help you:
  • Evaluate integrated refining-petrochemical assets
  • Benchmark against competitors
  • Highlight strategies to mitigate the slowing growth in demand from transport fuels and identify forward integration opportunities
  • Make confident, data-driven investment decisions
  • Identify emerging competitors