Three factors driving Europe's gas import dependency

Watch the video below to discover whether current levels of European demand are sustainable

1 minute read

Europe's gas demand has been increasing but will this level of demand be sustainable and, if so, how will it be met? Murray Douglas, Research Director, European Gas, explains how growth, underpinned by the power sector, has returned since 2014. He explores how the national coal phase out policies being enacted across Europe are leading to an increase in gas demand and reflects on the impact of coal and carbon prices.

On the supply side, with Europe's largest gas field set to be shut-in by 2030 and new supply getting more costly as developments become deeper, remoter and more complex, Europe's dependency on imports will grow.

And while the Southern Corridor unlocks a new import source, challenges remain to sustain other pipe supplies from the south. Discover how this leads to market space opening up for LNG and Russia and why this dynamic between suppliers will be critical in this short video.

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