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European Energy Service

In-depth insights into the current and future position of European energy markets

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Dive deep into European energy

At the forefront of the energy transition, Europe's energy markets are complex and evolving. Underpinned by comprehensive modelling of global gas and European power dynamics, European Energy service (EES) provides detail and clarity on the region’s gas and LNG markets.

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A Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) tanker moored to the jetty close to a power station.

Features and workflows

European Energy Service covers European energy market supply, demand, and price fundamentals at a regional and country level.

  • Extensive coverage of 38 European markets
  • In-depth reports and analysis on Europe’s "Big Six" markets
  • Reliable forecasts and in-depth market coverage with both long-term & short-term outlooks
  • Topical insights on market developments
  • Direct access to expert analysts & research

Guide decisions and support strategic planning with reliable forecasts and in-depth market coverage

  • Long-term (30-year) & short-term (24-months) outlooks forecasting supply, demand, and pricing, developed in conjunction with global cross-commodity disciplines.
  • An integrated view across commodities with a focus on gas and LNG providing widescale context of competing fuels, power, and carbon.


Stay informed with up-to-date regional and country level insights

  • In-depth reports on Europe’s "Big Six" markets and analysis on key pricing and transit markets.
  • Topical insights on market developments including sensitivities, policy, infrastructure, contracts, imports, demand drivers, and import dependency.
  • Live in-brief feed providing commentary on significant market developments with monthly data pack.

Market Analyst

  • Understand energy market fundamentals and drivers of fuel pricing.
  • Visualise regional and national demand-supply balances and power generation forecasts in an associated tool.
  • Track the development of key renewable technologies (offshore wind tracker).
  • Gain insight into inter-fuel competition between gas, coal and renewables.


Corporate strategy research

  • Assess the impact of regional and national energy policy decisions on energy markets.
  • Evaluate the growth of renewable power and its impact on conventional supply technologies.
  • Appraise future gas supply options and the impact of global gas dynamics on European markets.


Business development

  • Understand the impact of energy policy on European energy demand.
  • Address complex questions on gas flows and regional/hub pricing dynamics.
  • Evaluate the growth of renewable power and its impact on conventional supply technologies.

Integrated: Connected outlook across fuels and fully aligned with global picture, delivering considered consistency across Wood Mackenzie's services.

Informed: Full value chain analysis, Wood Mackenzie delivers the trusted information and opinion leading insight you need to support your decision making.

In-depth: Complete understanding of Europe’s gas and LNG markets, combining Wood Mackenzie’s industry-leading fundamental analysis and expertise.

Frequently asked questions

Here you’ll find answers to the most common questions you may have on Wood Mackenzie's European Energy Service. If you have any other questions, contact us.

The long-term outlook available in European Energy Service, the Strategic Planning Outlook (SPO), is updated annually along with our global outlooks. The Short-term Outlook is updated quarterly.

When updates are released, customers are invited to attend webinars to interact with our analysts as they discuss changes to the base case.

Subscribers to EES can enjoy quick and easy access to the underlying data via the Energy Markets Service visualisation tool.

For customers who need more data visualization capabilities, please check out Lens Gas & LNG and ask for a demo.

Your success is our success - Gain direct access to our analysts & industry leading research to keep ahead of market trends and dynamics. Delivering a quick turnaround on requests and queries, consider us an extension of your team!

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