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Battle for the future: Asia Pacific renewable power competitiveness 2019

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The Asia Pacific region is expected to supply two thirds of global power demand growth in coming decades, and power market investment decisions in this region will, to a large extent, determine the success or failure of the energy transition for the global power system in coming years.

Wood Mackenzie's first Asia Pacific renewables competitiveness report presents a comprehensive assessment of the competitiveness of wind and solar power compared to fossil fuels today, and gives a detailed forecast of the trends in each country to 2040. This report pulls in expertise from Wood Mackenzie's wind, solar, storage, coal and gas research teams. It includes a data table with levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) data and outlooks for 12 Asia Pacific countries for solar, wind, gas and coal. Our Power & Renewables reports and data provide deep insight into the current and future state of electricity generation.

The report is available here at our Ecommerce store and also part of our Power and Renewables Research packages as below.

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