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North America Power Service

Capture the changes that technology, regulation, growth and underlying fuel prices are having on electricity pricing and demand.

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Independent insight to help you evolve alongside power markets

Today's power market is volatile every day and every hour. Identify opportunities to successfully evolve alongside the electricity industry to strategize towards a more decentralized and complex world.

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Designed to help you

Gain insights into how relative fuel prices drive wholesale power prices, evaluate the effects of environmental policy on the generation mix, and identify growth opportunities and risks in regional power markets. By connecting with our experts, North America Power Service can support your organisations specific needs and requirements such as:

  • Timely analysis and recurring reports on power market events and technology trends
  • Visualize, customize, and download demand, pricing, and power outlooks with the click of a button
  • Understand how relative fuel prices drive wholesale power prices
  • Evaluate the effects of current and potential environmental policy on the generation mix
  • Identify growth opportunities and pinpoint risks in each regional power market
  • Easily connect with an expert to learn how we can support your organisation and tailor to your workflow needs

What do you get with our North American Power Service?

Make sense of the complex regional and sub-regional electricity markets with integrated analyses connecting power markets with commodity markets. A one-stop shop for historical and forecast power and renewables data, the North America Power & Renewables Service is a platform that combines data and functionality, allowing users to see the full picture.


Gain access to our North American power analysts and our all-encompassing service that includes:

  • Access to chart forecast variables to analyze swings in generation, pricing and long-term trends in energy costs

  • Long- and short-term analyses and forecasts for ERCOT, Midwest, Southeast, Northwest, WECC and Canada

  • Hourly Energy pricing, new-entrant viability and value drivers for 100+ markets

  • Market data on 18,000 generating units

  • Detailed retirement analysis and clean coal requirements for 1,000+ units

  • Tracking of 12,000 miles of new proposed transmission projects

  • 20-year forward capacity market projections including PJM, NYISO, ISO-NE and MISO

  • RPS market detail, Renewables Compliance modelling and Tier 1 REC prices

  • Tier 1 REC price forecasts

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Whether you’re looking for attractive new opportunities or evaluating existing projects, our experts are on hand to guide you through how our North American Power Service can help you.

For details on how your data is used and stored, see our Privacy Notice.


Who is our North American Power Service for?

Find your area of expertise and learn how we can help.

Strategic Planner / Market Intelligence

Strategic Planner / Market Intelligence

  • Examine the key issues behind major regulatory and economic trends
  • Receive a fully-integrated view of the market, including coal and gas analyses
  • Evaluate the prospects for different power generation technologies
  • Assess the effects of current and potential environmental policy on power generation 



  • Deploy interactive data tools to tell the story of a project over its lifetime
  • Model a wide range of scenarios related to performance and operations
  • Understand competitors with granular data
  • Command in depth analysis on market fundamentals across multiple regions

Business Development / M&A

Business Development / M&A

  • Provide base fundamentals for business development based on cross-commodity pricing
  • Identify key market drivers and future growth opportunities within the regional power markets ERCOT, Midwest, Southeast, Northwest and WECC
  • Guide investment decisions based on market fundamentals and industry trends
  • Assess the effects of current and potential environmental policy on power generation

Financial Analyst

Financial Analyst

  • Analyse intermittent generation with our hourly analysis (including scarcity value)
  • Understand how the interplay of relative fuel prices will drive wholesale power prices and long-term generation decisions
  • Test, contrast and refine internal views on market fundamentals