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The Energy Gang podcast: Winter is coming – what does it mean for Europe?

The race to stay warm during the ongoing energy crisis in Europe

1 minute read

In this episode of The Energy Gang, we draw our attention away from the US and the Inflation Reduction Act, and switch focus to the ongoing energy crisis in Europe. Host Ed Crooks is joined by regular guest Melissa Lott, Director of Research at the Center on Global Energy Policy at Columbia University, and Amy Harder from Cipher.

The race to stay warm is on as Russia cuts off more gas supplies to Europe. The continent is facing a potentially very bleak winter, but how bleak depends on the weather. If it’s a mild winter, then Europe will probably have enough gas. If it’s a cold winter, then things are going to get rough. There will probably need to be demand for curtailment, rationing and blackouts. Already, leaders are urging people to take action, by having cold showers and switching off the air-conditioning to save money and lighten the load on the grid.

What do these extreme measures tell us about the sacrifices people are being asked to make to serve a humanitarian cause? Is there a parallel to draw between that and changing our habits to curtail catastrophic climate change? If Europe does not have enough gas to keep people warm without having to introduce rationing, what does this say about the lack of tools in our belt when these crises occur?

Also on the show: oil prices have risen sharply, giving a big boost to the demand for electric cars. Last month, regulators in California approved a ban on the sale of most new gasoline- powered vehicles by 2035, as the state takes dramatic steps to reduce emissions and combat the climate emergency. Under the new regulations, by 2026 35% of new cars and light trucks sold in California must be either fully electric, plug-in hybrid or hydrogen powered. It is certainly an ambitious goal. But is it achievable? And what will it mean for the electric vehicle industry in the US and around the world?

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