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The Interchange Recharged podcast: a conversation with Alight – the commercial side of solar

Discussing the future of large scale commercial solar projects

1 minute read

On the Interchange this week, David is joined by Alight CEO and founder Dr Harald Overholm. Harald was previously a cleantech venture capitalist and an advisor on solar markets to the WWF and the Swedish Government. He earned his Ph.D. from the University of Cambridge with a thesis on solar diffusion and PPA. Alight is the leading solar Power Purchase Agreement provider in the Nordics. The company builds, operates, and owns solar projects, onsite and offsite, specializing in solar PPA. They are currently on track to develop more than 500 MW of PPA-based onsite and offsite projects across Europe.

David and Harald discuss the future of large scale commercial solar projects, the benefits of a PPA for businesses and investors, the role of co-located storage and the policies and legislation in the US that impede (or accelerate) progress in the sector. They discuss the past, present and future of solar funding and the M&A landscape.

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