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The Interchange Recharged podcast: a new way of procuring energy

Seeking a solution to the problem of energy procurement

1 minute read

We talk a lot on the podcast about the technology that powers the latest innovations in energy supply. But what about a solution to the problem of energy procurement?

A few episodes ago, we spoke to the Founder and Executive Director of WattTime, a nonprofit tech company that uses the power of data to reduce emissions at the consumer level. By using more energy when the grid is powered by renewables and less when it's relying on fossil fuels, WattTime automatically manages your home energy usage based on a smart metering system.

This week we look one step along the energy supply chain to where we source our energy. Our guest is Founder and CEO Ryan Peusch. Ryan’s company, Zentility, uses data and an advanced UI to simplify and streamline the energy buying process for businesses. Zentility links energy suppliers to customers through an automated contract management system.

David looks at the technology in more detail with Ryan, exploring why it could help businesses across the US make smarter decisions with their energy contracts and lead to a higher concentration of renewables powering our cities.

What are the long-term trends for energy prices amid a global fuel crisis? Can the Zentility platform alleviate price woes for customers? Find out right here, on the Interchange: Recharged.

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