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The Interchange Recharged podcast: could hydrogen power the future of flight?

Building the foundation for the future of sustainable air travel

1 minute read

Today, the global aviation industry is responsible for around two percent of carbon dioxide emissions. With major airlines pledging to hit net zero by 2050, all eyes are on sustainable fuel manufacturers to help power these airlines towards their goal. But what if there’s another way?  

When it comes to making aviation sustainable, the industry seems to have just two options: make the fuel sustainable or build engines powered by renewable energy. In this episode, we are joined by Val Miftakhov, founder and CEO of ZeroAvia – a company betting their chips on the second option.  

ZeroAvia has developed a hydrogen-powered engine which they hope will provide the foundation for the future of sustainable air travel. Some of the world’s biggest airlines share this hope with United, British Airways and American Airlines invested in the technology. Over 1,000 engines have been pre-ordered.   

Val explains why ZeroAvia looks to hydrogen engines rather than investing in processes to make zero-emission fuel. Their engine is undergoing certifications on small propeller planes, but Val and ZeroAvia have their eyes on the ultimate prize: powering wide-body jets and revolutionising the industry. What does their path look like? Let’s find out.  

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