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The Interchange Recharged podcast: EVs in the US – are we lagging behind?

Comparing the attitudes towards electric vehicles in the US and Europe.

1 minute read

President Biden’s Build Back Better bill includes tax incentives for consumers to switch to electric vehicles, and a multi-billion dollar plan for charging stations and infrastructure. The intent is there, but why is EV adoption in the US still lagging behind the rest of the world?

This week on The Interchange, David is joined by Professor Gil Tal from UC Davis, and Professor Peter Wells from Cardiff University, to compare the attitudes towards electric vehicles in the US and Europe.

What are the barriers standing in the way of mass EV adoption? And what tech and policy breakthroughs are we seeing to overcome these hurdles? Tesla’s market share of EVs hovers around 80%, so what are other manufacturers doing to increase their share of the ever-growing market?

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