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The Interchange Recharged podcast: Innovation and data are revolutionising the grid

The American Electrical Grid is in need of physical updates and digital modernisation.

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America's energy transition is a complex and intricate process with a lot of moving parts. When discussing decarbonising the globe, the electrical grid is usually overlooked and left out of the conversation. With an influx of renewable energy entering the grid, a constantly growing energy demand, coupled with record-breaking weather events and ageing infrastructure we have seen the strength of the existing grid tested to the limit. The American Electrical Grid is in need of physical updates and digital modernisation.

This week, David is accompanied by two leaders of grid modernisation industry, Peter Wells (CEO of Smart Wires) and Hudson Gilmer (CEO of LineVision) whose companies are using data and new tech to enable the grid to cope with the new demands.

Smart Wires uses Modular Power Control to direct power where it's needed and decrease the chances of possible outages and LineVision uses the power of innovative data and analytical tools to ensure the power lines and grid are being optimised and used at their fullest capacity.

David, Hudson and Peter discuss the biggest challenges utility companies across the US are facing. How is the introduction of new renewable energy projects affecting the grid? How reliable is our grid in times of extreme weather events? Is the grid currently on track to keep up with the future projections of energy demand? What are the policy changes required to modernise the grid? All these questions and more, on The Interchange: Recharged.

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