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Introducing The Interchange Recharged

Join our new host, David Banmiller

1 minute read

Join our inaugural episode with our exciting new host, David Banmiller, Global Head of Strategic Banking at Wood Mackenzie.

David tells us his future vision for The Interchange Recharged as a space to learn about the technology which underlines the energy transition.

The Interchange is brought to you by Schneider Electric. Are you building a microgrid? With a microgrid you can store electricity and sell it back during peak times. Keep your power on during an outage. Integrate with renewables. Control energy on your own terms. Having built more microgrids in than anyone else, Schneider Electric has the expertise to help.

The Interchange is brought to you by Bloom Energy. Bloom’s onsite energy platform provides unparalleled control for those looking to secure clean, reliable 24/7 power that scales to meet critical business needs. It eliminates outage and price risk while accelerating us towards a zero carbon future. Visit Bloom Energy to learn how to take charge today.

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