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The Interchange Recharged podcast: Quaise Energy digs deep – into the world of geothermal

Accessing clean, untapped energy under our feet

1 minute read

Geothermal technology is a hugely untapped sustainable energy source. In this episode of The Interchange Recharged, David ‘drills’ Carlos, the CEO of Quaise Energy, on all things geothermal and the opportunities it presents to decarbonise energy production. Quaise seeks to unlock the potential of geothermal at the Terawatt scale. Carlos studied at MIT and then spent 15 years with Schlumberger, before he moved to The Engine, MIT’s fund where Quaise was born.

Quaise is an emerging clean energy company leveraging decade-long research, combined with cutting-edge new tech, to access the 90% of clean untapped geothermal energy under our feet. What was possible only on paper a decade ago is emerging as a reality today. Quaise is currently creating ground-breaking millimetre drilling technoogy, developed in partnership with MIT, to dig deeper, faster, and safer than ever before. This innovative technology will break down the many barriers currently inhibiting access to geothermal energy: location, outdated technology, infrastructure costs, and scalability.

Carlos and David analyse the potential for geothermal in solving the world's energy crisis and accelerating the energy transition. How many terawatts of energy does the world need to operate in the next 50 years? What is Quaise even looking for 12 miles under our feet? Does this new technology mean we can access geothermal energy in most places on the globe? How does Geothermal compare to solar or wind?" The discussion goes deep, so strap in for this week’s Interchange Recharged.

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