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The Interchange Recharged podcast: Residential solar and storage

Unlocking potential and removing barriers

1 minute read

Have you ever played around with the idea of installing a solar system for your home? Where would you start? What worries you most about the process? The price? Quality of work? What about the durability of the equipment? These concerns are often a barrier to residential solar. This week in the Interchange recharged we meet Otovo – an interesting business with European roots who are trying to remove the barriers for homeowners to solar installation.

In this episode, David is joined by Andreas Thorsheim the CEO of Otovo, and Chloe Holden a US residential Storage analyst from Wood Mackenzie to discuss the global evolution of residential solar and how to unlock the potential and remove barriers for homeowners. The three also discuss recent solar policies, the future of residential energy storage, and the difference between the US and European solar markets.

Tune in to hear how the CEO of an Oslo-based solar company expanded to over 7 European countries in just 5 years and then stick around to hear what an expert in energy storage has to say when we ask her where the future of storage in the US is headed. Welcome to this week's Interchange, recharged.

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