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The Interchange Recharged podcast: Solar power – the silver linings of ditching silver

Increasing adoption by decreasing costs

1 minute read

Why wouldn’t everyone invest in solar? Well, for that reason exactly: it’s an investment. Although it’s praised for its low maintenance costs and long-term savings, it is still a hefty investment in terms of individual finance cost, manufacturing, and installation. The production of solar panels requires expensive raw material, such as high-grade silicon, and silver for the wiring and cells.

If the industry could just get the cost of materials down, the climate and environmental benefits would extend far beyond the energy sector.

An Australian organization called SunDrive solar recently made headlines for their use of copper wiring in solar cells, opening up the opportunity for solar production costs to plummet and increase global solar adoption.

New host David Banmiller is joined by PV Magazine Founding Editor Jonathan Gifford to examine this achievement, and what it could mean for solar.

They also explore supply chains issues, tackling NIMBYism and together they predict the Next Big Things in solar tech.

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