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The Interchange Recharged podcast: speed or sustainability - will we always have to choose?

Redefining the future of flight

1 minute read

With major airline companies setting net zero goals by 2050, we’ve talked a lot about the aviation industry and its contribution to our emissions problem.  

In recent episodes we have featured several companies which are creating technologies that will get us closer to meeting this goal. We’ve visited the world of sustainable fuel, had a layover in the land of hydrogen-powered engines and today, we’ve arrived at our next destination: speed and sustainability.  

On this episode, David is joined by Ben Murphy, Head of Sustainability at Boom Supersonic. Boom is building a supersonic plane they are calling the Overture – the world's fastest airliner. 

Boom is redefining the future of flight with their goals of speed, safety and sustainability. The company aims to usher in a new era of supersonic travel by transporting passengers from places like New York to London in only a few hours.  The Overture will be equipped with noise-reduction technologies and emit zero carbon.  But how will it work? What sustainable aviation fuel will it use?  

With major investment already secured from the likes of United and American Airlines, are we inching closer to realising the dream of ultra-fast, carbon-neutral air travel? When will people be able to fly it? Listen now to find out.  

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