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Inaugural Wood Mackenzie Prize awarded to Houston-based EY employee

During June 2018, more than 600 ADIT (Advanced Diploma in International Taxation) students sat their exams in a record 50 cities around the world.

This exam session saw the inaugural award of the Wood Mackenzie Prize, which recognises the highest scoring pass in this year’s Upstream Oil and Gas exam, awarded to Gareth Charles Lewis, of Houston, Texas, USA, who is employed at EY.

The establishment of the Wood Mackenzie Prize reflects the increase in the number of entries for the Upstream Oil and Gas module, as tax professionals from a range of energy companies embark upon their ADIT studies together with advisers at professional service firms who assist customers in matters relating to the taxation of the oil and gas industry.

Wood Mackenzie is recognised as a leading provider of research and consultancy services for the global energy, chemicals, metals and mining industries.

You can find details of the different medals and prizes available to ADIT students at

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