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Spend Intelligence

Data cleansing, analytics and dashboarding for enterprise supply chain spending.

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Manage external spending with precision

Understanding supply chain spending is key in managing costs and improving performance, and that requires enterprise spend data to be complete, accurate, granular, and dynamic. Spend Intelligence® provides cleansed and categorised historical data with detailed taxonomies to facilitate this.

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Designed to help you:

Spend Intelligence lies within the Supply Chain Intelligence Platform and enables users to gain visibility into, and analyse, supply chain spending. This entails cleansing and classifying data by leveraging an industry-specific database of over $8 trillion of transactional spend. The data can be viewed through out-of-the-box or customised analytics panels and the solution offers the facility to thoroughly and granularly analyse which categories, projects, and suppliers money is being spend on. Spend Intelligence allows organisations to:

Segment and report spending by business unit, geography, category and supplier

Identify opportunities to reduce pricing variance

Understand the full volume of spending with parent company suppliers and their affiliates to identify increased spend leverage for volume discounting

Pinpoint opportunities to consolidate fragmented sets of suppliers per category

Improve purchasing efficiency by quantifying PO, invoice, and contract count per dollars spent

Compare pricing performance by region or business unit

Bring together disparate internal data sources and cleanse them all to the same industry-standard taxonomy

Overlay additional analytical layers spanning supplier diverse ownership, scope 3 carbon emissions, supplier risk, and commodity inflation and deflation trends

What do you get with Spend Intelligence?

The modules within the Wood Mackenzie Supply Chain Intelligence Platform offer data and insights to support cost reduction, risk management and performance improvement. Spend Intelligence provides users with a full understanding of supply chain spending and allows for identification of value leakage and performance improvement insights.

Get access to:


  • $8T+ Factbase of energy & natural resources third party spend
  • Recurring cleanse refreshes for continuous and up-to-date visibility into spending
  • Cleansed and enriched historical data delivered via a proprietary dashboard and classified according to industry best practices, enabling quick decision-making
  • Out-of-the-box analytics panels as well as in-built functionality to create and customise additional panels
  • Up-to-date view on supplier parent-subsidiary relationships reflecting supplier M&A activity

Additional analytical layers for:

  • Diversity Data - to quantify spending with diverse-owned businesses and more effectively report and manage supplier diversity programs
  • Carbon Data - to quantify Scope 3 carbon emissions by category and at the enterprise level
  • Risk Data – to understand supplier geolocation footprints and assess supplier risk across key domains, including Financial Health, Extreme Weather, ESG, and commodity exposure
  • Commodity Cost Trend Data – to quantify the dollar impact of market volatility upon enterprise spending

Who is Spend Intelligence for?

Find your area of expertise and learn how Spend Intelligence can help.

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Whether you are looking for ways to reduce price variance in your organisation, develop a more cohesive supplier strategy or cleanse spend data, our experts are on hand to advise on how the proprietary, in-depth data within the Supply Chain Intelligence Platform and Spend Intelligence can provide insights to meet your requirements.

For details on how your data is used and stored, see our Privacy Notice.
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