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Polyester conference presentations 2019

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23 October 2019

Polyester conference presentations 2019

Report summary

9 presentations, totalling over 200 detailed slides, from our recent global polyester conferences coving a range of topics including Feedstock markets, Paraxylene, Global ethylene, MEG, PTA, Fibres, PET and RPET. Need to broaden your understanding of the polyester industry? Gain a valuable understanding of the polyester chain with insights into the latest trends and their impact on Global markets. These polyester conference papers give a comprehensive overview of feedstock developments through raw materials to polyester fibres, PET resin and recycling.

When you buy this polyester conference presentation pack, you'll receive 9 slide packs including:

1) Global economy: treading softly

  • Has global recession been avoided?
  • Low and slow: as good as it gets for Europe?
  • Will the 2020 US election spell the end for trade wars?

2) Key trends and uncertainties in feedstock markets

  • How long will the rapid growth in US liquids supply and exports continue?

  • What impact will the IMO 2020 marine fuel quality regulations have on feedstock and freight markets

  • When will we see the next wave of consolidation in European refining?

3) Paraxylene: In the eye of the storm

  • What will set the cost floor in PX through this period of overcapacity?
  • What are the main sources of volatility?
  • Why should the polyester industry be interested in benzene?
  • How will the growing PX deficit in the Western Hemisphere impact supply & pricing?

4) Global ethylene: too much, too quickly

  • Analysing the investment cycle in global ethylene industry
  • The location and drivers behind significant capacity additions
  • Global economics – prices, costs and margins

5) Global Ethylene Oxide/Glycols – production excess & trade conflict effects

  • New US low feedstock cost MEG plants come on line in 2019 and 2020 adding substantial capacity to MEG output.
  • Chinese coal based technology improving adding more capacity to make MEG.
  • US and Chinese import tariffs on PET and chemicals mess up global MEG trade, and producer and consumer plans.
  • Can US replace Middle East as key supplier during US China trade dispute.

6) PTA: Riding the wave on 2019, will it last?

  • How long will the current Asia PTA margin strength remain?
  • Is there room for PTA investments in the western hemisphere amid another massive capacity wave in the East?
  • Will Middle East PTA investments threaten European regional supply?

7) Global polyester industrial filament: the rise of the Super-Companies

  • European fibre markets and changes in global trading landscape
  • Technology and consolidation as drivers for polyester fibre markets
  • Impact of recycling trends upon polyester fibre business

8) PET: Changing climates and consumer trends

  • Are we beginning to see a real shift in PET demand or simply changes in short-term seasonality?
  • How are changes in consumer behaviour impacting the PET market: from soft drinks to functional waters.
  • Will the latest European regulations on single-use plastics impact the PET resin market?

9) Has RPET demand fully materialised in a supply constrained market?

- Brand owner commitments/regulatory requirements – Demand

  • Collection story – bale quality, collection rates – Supply
  • Current capacity/investment landscape for Europe – Supply
  • Outlook for the European market – Pricing and RPET balance
  • Trends in packaging, recycling, chemical recycling and biomass and implications for recycle – key themes and implications

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What's included

This report contains:

  • Document

    1 Global economy treading softly.pdf

    PDF 1.48 MB

  • Document

    2 Key trends and uncertainties in feedstock markets.pdf

    PDF 1.02 MB

  • Document

    3 Paraxylene In the eye of the storm.pdf

    PDF 1.27 MB

  • Document

    4 Global ethylene too much, too quickly.pdf

    PDF 1.27 MB

  • Document

    5 Global ethylene oxideglycols – production excess & trade conflict effects.pdf

    PDF 1.26 MB

  • Document

    6 PTA riding the wave on 2019, will it last.pdf

    PDF 1.01 MB

  • Document

    7 Global polyester industrial filament the rise of the super-companies.pdf

    PDF 1022.65 KB

  • Document

    8 PET changing climates and consumer trends.pdf

    PDF 1.19 MB

  • Document

    9 Has RPET demand fully materialised in a supply constrained market.pdf

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    Polyester conference presentations 2019

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    Polyester conference presentations 2019

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