China gas and power in brief

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Our China gas and power in brief is a rolling coverage of events as they happen in gas and power markets. We add commentary on stories as they break to keep you informed in real-time. The page can be bookmarked for quick access to the latest stories. The latest dataset is available in China gas and power datapack and regas tracker. For stories before January 2022, please refer to the China gas and power in brief 2021.

Table of contents

  • China’s NOCs announce 2023 full-year results
  • China's domestic gas supply: growth momentum continues
  • Gas demand rebounds in 2023, small gains in energy mix seen
  • China’s LNG re-exports hit record high in 2023
  • China's ultradeep well proves both new gas resources and its determination for deep-Earth exploration
  • PipeChina builds a second Sichuan-East pipeline
  • China's domestic gas production continues the momentum in H1 2023
  • China’s gas demand returned to growth in H1 2023 but weaker-than-expected economy weighs on prospects for H2
    • China’s Xinjiang government incentivise gas production
  • Chinese companies continue to lock in LNG volumes
  • Guangdong province adjusts 2025 energy targets, placing more emphasis on energy security
  • The third shale gas play in the Sichuan Basin is likely to provide additional long-term supply
  • China’s underground storage withdrawal in the past winter increased by 16% year-on-year
  • Chinese NOCs report mixed year-end results and outline plans for 2023
  • China's gas production and exploration showed steady progress in 2022
  • Russia and China ink bilateral terms for Far Eastern Route gas pipeline exports
  • Power of Siberia pipeline progress connects Shanghai to gas sources
  • China’s underground storage is well prepared for peak demand during the 2022–2023 winter season
  • QatarEnergy signs 27 year 108 Mt LNG SPA with Sinopec
  • Sinopec's recent exploration in the Qiongzhusi formation may open a new chapter for shale gas in China
  • China’s deep CBM development sees progress but is still in the early stage
  • Hot summer boosted gas power but didn’t prevent the overall gas demand weakness
  • PetroChina’s well, Nanchong-1, further ascertains large conventional gas resources in the Sichuan Basin
  • PetroChina, Sinopec to voluntarily delist from NYSE
  • Gas power generation in June improves from May but remains subdued
  • PetroChina signs LNG SPA with Cheniere
  • Sinopec announces a new deep shale gas resource discovery in the Sichuan Basin
  • CNOOC, ExxonMobil and Shell sign CCUS MoU as NOC accelerates net-zero targets
  • Recent developments in the Shunbei field add new gas resources in the Tarim Basin for Sinopec
  • Kazakh government admits to looming gas market concerns
  • Successful tight gas development in the Sichuan Basin drives new gas supplies
  • PetroChina approves a deep shale development
  • Zhenhua Oil’s acquisition of a 34% stake in the Guoxin Rudong LNG terminal may accelerate its term LNG contracting
  • Gas market under Shanghai’s lockdown
  • Foran Energy cancels JKM-linked LNG contracts with BP
  • NextDecade signs offtake agreements with Chinese emerging buyers
  • Sinopec and PetroChina consider buying discounted spot cargoes from Russia

Tables and charts

This report includes 51 images and tables including:

  • Benchmark: capex
  • Benchmark: upstream production
  • Domestic production
  • Production by company
  • China’s primary energy demand mix
  • LNG re-export volumes and average price
  • Average re-export price vs average import price
  • Locations of Pengshen-6 and ongoing super-deep well in the Jiange region
  • Location of the ongoing super-deep well in the Shaya region
  • Yet-to-find conventional gas forecast
  • Gas production growth
  • Mainland China gas balance in H1 2023
  • Monthly gas-fired power output estimates
  • New capacity from 2023
  • New capacity of non-NOCs from 2023
  • ACQ of contracts by buyer type (SPAs, mmtpa)
  • ACQ of contracts by duration (SPAs, mmtpa)
  • Exploration regions of Permian Wujiaping shale gas formation
  • Shale gas breakeven cost in the Sichuan Basin
  • Shale gas supply forecast in the Sichuan Basin
  • Injection and withdrawal by NOCs and PipeChina
  • Injection and withdrawal by legacy storage facilities
  • Net income
  • Production
  • Annual gas production and forecast for major basins
  • Russia’s Far Eastern Route pipeline to China
  • Power of Siberia pipeline segments
  • Capacity and import forecast
  • Power of Siberia pipeline
  • Injection and withdrawal by NOCs and PipeChina
  • Injection and withdrawal by legacy storage facilities
  • The largest LNG SPAs signed
  • SPAs signed by Chinese buyers
  • Sinopec LNG SPAs
  • Jingyan-Jianwei region by Sinopec and Weiyuan region by PetroChina
  • China commercial CBM production
  • Year-on-year change in monthly supply and demand
  • Monthly gas-fired power generation
  • Monthly gas power generation, mainland China
  • CNPC-PetroChina's LNG SPAs , by signing year
  • CNPC-PetroChina's contracted LNG (SPAs)
  • Deep shale gas regions under exploration by Sinopec on the southeast edge of the Sichuan Basin
  • Kazakhstan gasification level by region (% of population with access to gas grid)
  • Tight gas production of PetroChina Southwest Oil and Gasfield Company
  • Number of LNG trucks ex-Wuhaogou LNG terminal
  • Brent oil price
  • Asian spot LNG price
  • Daily newly confirmed cases in Shanghai
  • Delivered price to Guangdong
  • Contracting Status of Pre-FID US Capacity

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