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Q4 2013 Macroeconomics Update: 2014 - Great taper expectations

Q4 2013 Macroeconomics Update: 2014 - Great taper expectations

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The 2008-9 financial crisis was an extreme shock to the global economy and it prompted extraordinary policy measures. More than five years on, the ripple effects continue to be felt. In our latest update, Wood Mackenzie forecasts global GDP growth to accelerate from 2.1% this year to 2.7% next year. The upward momentum will be driven primarily by a recovery in the developed world. We expect a robust recovery in the US as business investment and job creation pick up next year – GDP growth is...

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  • Q4 2013 Macroeconomics Update: 2014 - Great taper expectations PDF - 368.03 KB 7 Pages, 0 Tables, 7 Figures


This Macroeconomics and Global Trends Insight report presents our research on this key topic, and draws out the implications for economies and commodity markets.

This report delivers a clear understanding of our unique global economic outlook and identify risks and uncertainties to watch out for.

Wood Mackenzie's global trends and macroeconomic analysis underpins all our commodity demand analysis, ensuring we continually deliver an integrated and consistent view.

Our comprehensive understanding of commodity markets gives us a unique insight into the pace of global development and the risks associated with it.

  • Executive summary
    • 2014 - Great taper expectations
    • Europe - Out of recession, but not out of the woods
    • US - a take-off, finally?
    • Great taper expectations
    • India - lost Asian tiger
    • China - big words, small actions?
    • Conclusion

In this report there are 7 tables or charts, including:

  • Executive summary
    • Europe: Optimism returns
    • But deflation fears creep in
    • Q4 2013 Macroeconomics Update: 2014 - Great taper expectations: Image 3
    • Corporate bond yields going up
    • Fragile recovery in the US housing market
    • India: Chasing inflation
    • China: Money supply tightening
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