US upstream week in brief: Q3 2018 archive

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25 September 2018

US upstream week in brief: Q3 2018 archive

Report summary

The US week in brief report highlights the need-to-know events from US upstream. It is a rolling document, continuously updated with our own analysis and opinion on events impacting the sector. Coverage includes US onshore and Gulf of Mexico. Sources for the news stories include company press releases, industry events, press coverage, and our own modelling changes. The facts are presented, but more importantly we discuss implications for our modelling.

Table of contents

  • Riley Permian set to become the second CBP pure play
  • Rock Science: Permian fracture study yields big benefits
  • Tall City gets a piece of the Warburg war chest
  • Industry and investor roadshows
  • Apache quietly pursues Montana exploration
  • Could a Permian NGL pipeline bring near-term relief to crude bottlenecks?
  • Hilcorp takes another step toward reigning the San Juan Basin
  • With an eye on costs, Pioneer locks up future sand supply
  • Diamondback and Carlyle ink strategic DrillCo in the Delaware Basin
  • LNG and pipeline agreements signal help for Permian gas
  • Louisiana Austin Chalk shows signs of possibly being a dud
  • Six-figure acreage prices in the Permian? Almost.
  • Cost inflation: cause for concern or minimal threat?
  • Multi-zone Marcellus: breaking out the upper potential
  • Appalachian consolidation continues: Rex assets a perfect fit for PennEnergy
  • Initiative 97 threatens to make Colorado's uphill battle significantly steeper
  • Alaska quietly becoming key exploration region for global companies
  • Riding out the Permian pipeline storm
  • Key Play update: Middle Bakken water saturation
  • The gas you don't model makes up a third of the market
  • Eclipsing the competition with more Utica consolidation
  • Calling out the biggest changes in our Permian models
  • Carrizo expands its Delaware footprint
  • Competition returns in Gulf of Mexico Lease Sale 251
  • A changing dynamic in the Gulf of Mexico
  • Diamondback rattles first and bites second
  • Powder River optimism surge?
  • Diamondback acquires Ajax Resources
  • Long-term production goals in jeopardy for Sanchez Energy?
  • Q2 earnings roundup: Maintaining capital discipline a thing of the past?
  • Kosmos the explorer acquires Deep Gulf Energy the developer
  • Everything Is Faster In The Permian - Including Decline Rates
  • Updated company acreage spreadsheet
  • Barnett Shale transactions confirm a new buyer class for mature shale assets
  • Investment in the Eagle Ford is increasing, and not only by BP
  • Permian slow down? EIA numbers catch some by surprise
  • Chesapeake sells Utica position to private Encino for $2 billion
  • Similar name, altered outlook: BP buys BHP's Lower 48 assets
  • URTeC 2018 Summary: more questions than answers?
  • Penn Virginia explores strategic alternatives amid strong stock performance
  • QEP Resources needs to get resourceful on Bakken divestment
  • What's new in the West Coast?
  • When Will Permian & US L48 Onshore Oil Supply Peak?
  • Upcoming Bakken technologies revealed
  • Mid-year M&A review reveals a generally sluggish market
  • ConocoPhillips' Alaskan assets easily compete with Permian tight oil
  • Plains tariff exemption rejected, down but not out
  • US tight oil supply curve update: competition for capital heats up
  • Key takeaways from our latest Niobrara key play update
  • Buyers benefit as QEP progresses towards a Permian pure play
  • Steel tariffs and early data points on pipe costs
  • Fed survey validates business concerns of Permian producers
  • Effective asset swap gives ConocoPhillips more flexibility in the US
  • Osaka Gas ventures into the Haynesville shale to build its LNG value chain
  • A combination of big Utica deals finally cross the line
  • Midstates makes moves again on proposed SandRidge merger
  • A 'diversified' buyer helps form a more focused EQT
  • Lifting the lid on artificial lift concerns
  • Is 2 bcfd of Permian gas takeaway relief coming soon?
  • Bakken asset sales: 'non-core' does not mean a lack of willing buyers
  • A clear message for northeast gas: keep dropping costs
  • Are Cushing bottlenecks back again?
  • Canary in the coal mine as basis differentials cause Halcón to drop a Permian rig
  • Denbury takes $1 billion FID on the first EOR project since the downturn
  • Cox Oil picks up Energy XXI's GoM Shelf assets
  • Oklahoma City roadshow notes
  • Pioneer to sell Rockies Raton
  • Midstream Texas conference takeaways
  • Permian Basin gets bigger and bigger - How we approach type curves
  • New Permianplayer DoublePoint Energypoisedfor growth
  • EIA Annual Conference: water and technology captured our attention
  • Updated type curves add more granularity to Wood Mackenzie's Key Play service
  • Permian bottlenecks will force production growth to slow over the next 12 months
  • BP well performance drives up Haynesville outlook
  • Does Permian Basin oil have a produced water problem?
  • SCOOP-STACK-SAND: Not just another acronym – It's Oklahoma's first in-basin sand mine
  • Permian-player Lilis gets flow assurance with no upfront costs or obligations
  • Shell finds more Jurassic GoM success with the Dover discovery
  • Cheniere Corpus Christi LNG expansion could offer relief for upstream gas assets
  • Callon picks up Delaware Wolfcamp acreage for $570 million
  • Cracking the code in the Powder River: geothermal hotspots demonstrate core acreage potential
  • DUG Permian takeaways
  • Podcast:Permian Oil Prices - Headed For Shut Ins?
  • Key changes to our Delaware Wolfcamp type curves
  • How much more US oil will comewith higher prices?
  • Matador equity raise: opposite approach to peers
  • Shortage of Tier 4 diesel engines: natural gas to the rescue?
  • Dallas Roadshow: What's on the industry's mind?
  • How exposed are operators to takeaway constraints and Midland basis pricing?
  • Why did companies overshoot capex in the first quarter?
  • Podcast: Higher oil prices are good for shale players, right?
  • New implications for deepwater Gulf of Mexico: our learnings from OTC
  • Devon's quarterly results set them apart
  • A resurgence in Louisiana: Marathon becomes the third large cap to throw its hat in the ring
  • Stone Energy acquires Ram Powell from Shell in deepwater GoM
  • Economics showdown: ESP vs gas lift in thePermian
  • Bucking the trend: Parsley Energy downsizes pads
  • US gas titans make progress on execution in Q1
  • EOG to free up more capital for Lower 48
  • DUG Rockies 2018: Rockies tight oil vs. the Permian
  • Vito sets new benchmark for GoM project redesign
  • Oklahoma water restrictions provide read-throughs for the Permian
  • Permian water issues remain front and center
  • Podcast: Do Shale Plays Create Value Or Destroy It
  • BHP updates divestment timeline
  • North Slope exploration results best in a decade.
  • Comstock aims to open up non-core Haynesville.
  • Permian highs and lows highlight recent industry conferences.
  • Carbon County, Utah: A drilling rush in the making?
  • Permian growing pains coming ahead of schedule.
  • Pushing the limits of the Wolfcamp C.
  • What impact would direct Chinese tariffs on US crude have on US shale producers?
  • CRC acquires non-op interests from Chevron in the Elk Hills field.
  • Kimmeridge increases stake in Carrizo Oil & Gas.
  • Revisiting old formations on the Austin (Chalk) board.
  • SM Energyonce again unloadsnon-core assets.
  • What does a deeper dive into Concho-RSP reveal?
  • Cabot to test sub-Utica potential in northern Ohio.
  • Alta Mesa turbocharges Mid-Continent activity.
  • Conchomakes a bold move in the Permian.
  • Gulf of Mexico Lease Sale 250was a bargain hunter's paradise.

Tables and charts

This report includes 54 images and tables including:

  • Apache (Alta Vista) Montana activity
  • Montana exploration area
  • Trend of Average of Proppant per Lateral Length
  • Additional cost buffer for new wells
  • Marcellus permits for Rex Energy & PennEnergy
  • Carrizo Permian acquired asset valuation
  • Map of lease blocks and bids in GoM Lease Sale 251
  • Operated wells: Diamondback, Energen, and Ajax
  • Productivity improvement in horizontal Turner wells since 2014
  • Ajax wells highlighted among Diamondback wells in northern Midland Basin:
  • Eagle Ford July 2018 update
  • Permian crude oil supply vs. takeaway capacity update
  • Wood Mackenzie base case valuation of BHP Lower 48 assets*
  • Cactus II pipeline
  • Niobrara breakeven map
  • Company-specific sub-play type curve half cycle IRR sensitivities
  • Northwest STACK: 2017 to 2018 Type Curve Comparison
  • Permian crude oil supply scenarios vs. pipeline takeaway capacity
  • Oklahoma sand mine location
  • FY 2018 % Infrastructure Spend (Mid-Point)
  • Callon Petroleum horizontal wells and operating areas with Wolfcamp sub-play outlines
  • Map of Powder River Basin hotspots
  • Midland Wolfcamp cost of supply
  • Total US Lower 48 crude oil supply
  • Takeaway & Midland pricing basis exposure comments
  • Stone/Talos WI production
  • Rigs per completion crew
  • Q1 Appalachian Basin operational summary:
  • EOG new project returns
  • Normalized IP30 results for 2017 XRL wells in the Hereford and Wattenberg fields
  • Cumulative cash flow of 1- and 2-mile lateral length wells
  • Wasatch wells brought online by year
  • Wolfcamp C - IP Oil (bbl/d)
  • WoodMac NPV vs Permian pure-play enterprise values (as of 4/3/18)

What's included

This report contains:

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