Bauxite, Alumina Refineries and Aluminium Smelter Wallmap

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Wood Mackenzie has produced a highly detailed wallmap of the World’s Bauxite Mines, Alumina Refineries and Aluminium Smelters.

Every asset is named and its capacity shown in Mt/a.

The map enables you to gain a rapid appreciation of the location and relative importance of the world’s mines, refineries and smelters, the Mt/a capacity of each mine, refinery and smelter and each country’s production capacity.

The map also includes informative charts showing

  • Primary aluminium smelter production by region (%)
  • Primary aluminium smelting production of the top ten companies
  • Bauxite production of the top ten companies,
  • Alumina refining production of the top ten companies
  • Primary aluminium smelter CAPEX and prices (2000 - 2020)

This wall map is an invaluable reference for anyone interested in the Bauxite, Alumina and Aluminium sector. Wallmaps bought online will be couriered to you within 5 days.

Why buy a wallmap?  

Our maps bring together trusted data and research from across the globe. And we have a team of analysts and researchers committed to ensuring the continued accuracy and consistency of data across the entire collection. With a Wood Mackenzie map, you can:

  • Gain an instant visual appreciation of multiple assets and markets across global locations.
  • Use them as reference documents in group discussions
  • Get a single, reliable overview

What will you receive?  

  • Printed to make a big and lasting impression, each map is 84cm x 120cm or 33 inches x 46 3/4 inches on high quality paper
  • Couriered to you when purchased online
  • Delivered in a tough cardboard tube to ensure maps reach you in pristine condition