Oil market and refining resilience: is the best yet to come?

Join Wood Mackenzie on Tuesday 21st May for a discussion on the outlook for  oil markets and refining.

In this webinar the team will discuss:

  • Demand strength as electrification loses its spark
  • World oil supply: can OPEC and non-OPEC meet demand?
  • Oil price outlook: crucial role of prices to support supply growth
  • Refining capacity and margins: security of supply concerns sustains investment with margins "stronger for longer"

The webinar will be presented by Alan Gelder, Vice President, Refining, Chemicals & Oil Markets, Ann-Louise Hittle, Vice President, Oil Markets and Gordon McManus, Research Director, EMEARC Oils and Refining, and include a 45-minute presentation followed by a short Q&A.

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Our speakers

Gordon McManus

Research Director, EMEARC Oils and Refining

Gordon is responsible for leading our global coverage of the long term oil products markets.

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