What's next for green steelmaking technologies?

Steelmaking's transition to more sustainable processes will be crucial to driving down global emissions. However, current commercially viable technologies may require significant technological advancements if steelmaking is to play its part in meeting net-zero targets.

Join our experts on Thursday at 8:00 EST January 25th for an interactive discussion where they will uncover the technical aspects, opportunities, challenges, and the competitive landscape of key green steelmaking technologies. 

Exploring pivotal questions, such as:

  • Setting the scene: what’s our steel decarbonization outlook and the emissions intensity of incumbent and new technologies?
  • What are the challenges for the BF-BOF and EAF routes to reach carbon neutrality?
  • Is ESF-BOF a potential “middle ground” between EAF and BF-BOF due its ability to utilize low and medium-grade iron ores?
  • Current and upcoming green steel technologies may be critical in supporting the AET-1.5 scenario by 2050. Still, what are the economics of these technologies? Can they utilize Fe units as efficiently as BF-BOFs?

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