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Southern Cone Gas, Power & Renewables Service

Quickly identify opportunities with unrivalled insights and analysis of the natural gas, power and renewables markets for the Southern Cone region.

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Get in-depth data and insights on market fundamentals to inform investment decisions in the Southern Cone

In a highly competitive gas and power global market, the Southern Cone (Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil and Chile) has become an increasingly attractive region with promising investment opportunities for local and international buyers. Executives rely on you to accurately analyse the regional gas and power markets to support their investment decisions.

The Southern Cone Gas, Power & Renewables Service offers unrivalled insights into the natural gas, power and renewables industry, enabling you to identify the right opportunities. Access to our data, proprietary modelling and timely analysis on market fundamentals, prices and regulations, and the competitive landscape empower you to anticipate trends, identify areas of growth, evaluate potential opportunities and make sound recommendations that deliver value.

Features at a glance

The Southern Cone Gas, Power & Renewables Service offers comprehensive commercial data, sophisticated modelling and integrated energy market analysis. It is the only integrated gas, power & renewables solution that delivers the data and analysis you need to make informed decisions.

The service delivers:

  • Comprehensive data covering gas spot market prices, as well as historical and future supply and demand drivers
  • Sophisticated modelling using an hourly, unit-by-unit power dispatch power model together with our proprietary Gas Network Flow Model
  • Detailed analysis of gas pipeline, regasification terminal and natural gas processing plants
  • An informed view of the Southern Cone within a broader context, integrating intelligence from our energy experts across the globe
  • Up-to-date commercial intelligence including contracts, pricing formulas, breakeven costs and more
  • Gas market overview with comprehensive analysis of pricing regimes and regulations
  • 37

    sub-regions across Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil and Chile

  • 6,000+

    plant-by plant dispatch analysis

  • 2

    year short-term market outlook

  • 2040

    long-term outlook

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