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Asset-level reports and data on every plant and terminal to form a deep understanding of key projects and markets around the world

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Comprehensive view of the LNG value chain from wellhead to end user

The LNG industry is complicated, commercially challenging, and opaque. With significant capital at stake, it is important to ensure you have the easily accessible, up-to-date information and data to ensure you know the best course of action.

Wood Mackenzie’s LNG Service and Tool gives you access to asset level databases, with an intuitive visualization tool, to guide you through the constantly evolving LNG landscape and make well-informed strategic decisions.

  • 1000+

    LNG contracts

  • 100+

    Supply reports including economic models

  • 100+

    Regas reports

  • 20+

    Market reports

Make strategic decisions

Make strategic decisions

Core asset analysis on costs, price, revenues, contracts, tax, counterparties, and commercial structures are leveraged into Wood Mackenzie’s project valuations allowing for a deeper understand of investments, M&A opportunities, and benchmarking.

Leverage LNG contract analysis

Leverage LNG contract analysis

Better understand contract trends for procurement, strategic planning, valuation, and origination with LNG contract data and analysis only available from Wood Mackenzie.

Uncover investment trends and potential market insights

Uncover investment trends and potential market insights

Understand LNG import markets. Where there is uncontracted demand, spare regas capacity, and gas demand.

Your success is our success

Your success is our success

Gain direct access to our analysts & industry leading research to keep ahead of market trends and dynamics. Delivering a quick turnaround on requests and queries, consider us an extension of your team!


LNG supply-demand balance, regas infrastructure, contract developments, market structure and more...

Japan LNG long-term outlook

Liquid Natural Gas Tanker to deliver natural gas to consumers.

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