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Global Gas Service

Global gas outlooks and insight to build a strategic view of the market

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The global Gas & LNG market in context

Gain insight into global and inter-regional gas market dynamics to identify opportunities, mitigate risks, and guide investment strategies. Our global price forecasts enable you to explore changes in trade and pricing, benchmark future projects , and analyze evolving demand trends. Additionally, with regularly published scenarios by Wood Mackenzie analysists, users can assess the impact of industry themes, like the energy transition, on our base case.

Features at a glance

The Global Gas Service delivers our base case global gas outlook, long-term pricing, short-term fundamentals analysis and pricing, and global emerging themes analysis. In addition, we provide commentary and analysis on topical events and themes, through frequent insights and informs.

The service includes:

  • Base case global gas views to guide decisions 
    • 30-year Strategic Planning Outlook - comprehensive view into long-term market trends, supply demand balances, and trade implications. Updated annually.
    • 10-year Investment Horizon Outlook - focuses on market reactions to investment cycles for business planning, origination, and development opportunities. Updated annually.
    • 2-year Short-term Outlook - accurate short-term forecasts on supply, demand, trade, and pricing. Updated quarterly.
  • In-depth regional reports and data, summarizing country-level balances, flows, and price forecasts
  • Thematic reports contextualizing disruptive developments, sensitivities, and emerging industry trends
  • Your success is our success: Gain direct access to our analysts & industry leading research to keep ahead of market trends and dynamics. Delivering a quick turnaround on requests and queries, consider us an extension of your team!

  • Exclusive

    invitations to our Global Gas Forum series

  • Quarterly

    short-term price & trade outlooks

  • Insights

    on key global gas themes

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