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Grid Edge Service

Integrate capabilities from new technologies into your planning for the next-generation electric grid.

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Accelerate your grid edge market strategy

The growing number of distributed energy resources, such as solar, energy storage, and distributed fossil generation is creating a complex network of generation sources. At the same time, widespread customer adoption of energy management solutions and electric vehicle charging infrastructure is forming an increasingly dynamic demand environment.

The Grid Edge Service will provide you with an understanding of how utilities are responding to distributed energy resource proliferation. It will explore the nuances of monetizing these assets, investment opportunities across the market, and how these technologies will impact power markets and grid flexibility.

Features at a glance

The Grid Edge Service is a platform to analyse and understand the trends and technologies in distributed energy, including electric vehicle infrastructure, distributed energy resources management, microgrids and smart meters. We combine project-level data granularity and deep industry insights so you can understand the customer energy management and grid modernisation market landscape. Specific technologies and business models we cover include non-wires alternatives, smart meters, demand response, customer energy management, microgrids, and electric vehicle infrastructure.

The Grid Edge Service provides in-depth analysis on the different technologies transforming the electric grid and customer energy management.

The service offers:

  • Topical Market Reports and InsightsThrough a blend of quantitative and qualitative analysis, our team provides insight into utilities responses to distributed energy resources. We highlight market trends, industry drivers, utility technology and deployment strategies, vendor products, and policy shifts. Our service also provides a quarterly executive briefing featuring key updates from across the grid edge ecosystem.
  • Grid Edge Data HubA data visualization tool that brings together tens of thousands of analyst-vetted data points on the deployment of critical grid infrastructure such as smart meters, electric vehicle charging stations, microgrids and energy management systems. The tool also collates global and U.S. utility customer and revenue information.
  • 12+

    reports each year covering key market issues

  • 6,000+

    utilities tracked globally

  • Unlimited

    analyst access

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