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Unlock the latest high-quality, reliable power market data to capitalise on the right growth opportunities – at the right time.

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Unmatched market intelligence

Access real-time output and historical bid data for generating and optimising assets. With our North America Power Solutions, you’ll get proprietary insight that offers a more holistic view of the industry. Identify and measure power movements, financial risks and opportunities for growth with the click of a button. 

Reduce risk

Our price, demand, and congestion forecasts provide insights that empower you to capitalise on market opportunities while minimising risks. In the short term, our suite of end-to-end power solutions help you mitigate risk in hourly trading with our robust price forecasting capabilities and models.

Boost profitability

Our trusted, valued, and analyst-driven data reports and insights help you accurately project growth opportunities – so you can maximise profits and minimise risk. Accurately forecast load and prices to determine short-term and long-term hedges and bids. 

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Reliable data

You can rest assured that our monitored data is up-to-date, accurate and will keep your models functioning properly. Strengthen your strategies and optimise trades with access to seamless, integrated data and scenario analysis that fits your workflow. 

Exclusive insights

Get access to white-glove user support and insights from our expert analysts any time you need them. Our analysts are renowned throughout the industry for being at the forefront of power and renewables data 

Why do thousands of Utilities use Wood Mackenzie's short term power products?

To measure and reduce risk

To maximise profit and opportunity

To get real-time visibility

To unlock accurate, current and reliable data

To access aggregated information in one place

Discover best-in-market short term power solutions

Emissions Benchmarking Tool

The Emissions Benchmarking Tool provides transparency at the asset and corporate level for Upstream, Downstream and Metals & Mining.

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North America Power Solutions

Stay ahead of the power market with unmatched access to real-time monitoring data, power flow analytics, and modeling capabilities.

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Industry-leading US power market data and analytics

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Anticipate wind-related congestion and power price volatility, with accurate wind power generation forecasts and expert market analysis.

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Customer Pricing Model

Stay on top of real-time US wholesale cost changes to make informed retail power pricing decisions.

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US Coal Burn Report

Leverage accurate estimates based on direct, real-time coal plant monitoring of over 165 MW in capacity

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EPSI Mexico

Forecast prices and supply-demand fundamentals for the Mexico power market

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EPSI Europe

Discover, analyse, and strategise business opportunities in the short, mid, and long-term power markets to stay ahead of the curve, no matter the scenario.

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PowerRT Europe

Identify new trading opportunities, optimise asset utilisation and assess market trends.

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Europe Coal Burn Report

Get the most up-to-date coal demand estimates for the European power sector on a country-by-country basis.

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EPSI Japan

Get a clear view of the Japanese power market with cutting edge market modelling and unique insights into supply and demand fundamentals across the grid.

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PowerRT Japan

Access real-time power plant output and transmission flow data across the Japanese power markets.

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