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The US energy storage monitor Q4 2021 executive summary is now available

According to the most recent U.S. Energy Storage Monitor report, in Q3 the US storage market deployed 1,140 MW of storage more new storage in megawatt (MW) terms, 2.4x the amount that was deployed in Q2 2021. Q3 2021 is largest quarter on record in MW terms, beating out the previous record holding quarter (Q4 2020) by 612 MW.

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Delivered quarterly, the U.S. Energy Storage Monitor provides the industry’s only comprehensive research on energy storage markets, deployments, policies, regulations and financing in the U.S. These in-depth reports provide energy industry professionals, policymakers, government agencies and financiers with consistent, actionable insight into the burgeoning U.S. energy storage market.


The U.S. Energy Storage Monitor is offered quarterly in two versions– the executive summary and the full report. The executive summary is free, and provides a bird's eye view of the U.S. energy storage market and the trends shaping it. In contrast, the full report features state-by-state breakdowns and analysis on storage deployments, growth forecasts, policies helping or hindering growth, financing trends, and market strategies. It is available individually each quarter or as part of an annual subscription.

U.S. energy storage will be an $11.5 billion annual market in 2026

Source: Wood Mackenzie U.S. Energy Storage Monitor

Executive Summary

Each quarter's free Executive Summary provides a general breakdown of the current state of the U.S. energy storage market. Executive Summaries feature the following level of analysis and figures:

  • National aggregate of deployments, by market segment
  • Front-of-the-meter policy developments nationwide
  • Behind-the-meter policy developments nationwide
  • Historical and projected market size

Full Report

The quarterly Full Report provides incisive analysis of deployments, prices, and the market landscape. On top of what is included in the Executive Summary, the full reports feature the following:

  • Deployments by market segment and state
  • Technology trends and market share
  • Front-of-the-meter system prices
  • Vendor ecosystem and partnerships
  • In-depth state market analysis
  • Deployment forecasts by state and market

This quarterly series is provided by Wood Mackenzie Power & Renewables in conjunction with the Energy Storage Association.

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