We are excited to announce that as of February 1, Wood Mackenzie is a portfolio company of Veritas Capital, a leading investor at the intersection of technology and government. Our focus remains on providing you with the best intelligence, analytics, data and tools to ensure you are making the best data-driven business decisions with confidence.  

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Wind Energy

Access market intelligence that provides unparalleled depth in the wind energy value chain.

Designed to help you:

Wind energy has emerged as the world’s cheapest, widespread, and commercially mature source of renewable electricity.  However, cost and profitability pressures across the wind energy value chain threaten many of the business models active within the industry.  We provide accurate wind energy industry analysis, as well as expert insights where and when you want them, to inform rapid, meaningful decision-making.

Gain deep insights across the wind energy value chain

Guide your investment decisions and corporate strategy with comprehensive research of the wind energy market growth outlook and supply chain constraints

Identify the primary drivers influencing capital costs and the competitiveness of wind, with broader context across the entire power generation sector

Unparalleled levels of depth of insight into growth outlook for wind energy, critical supply chain trends, technology dynamics and commercial implications