What should you consider when setting up a licence round?

David Parkinson and Graham Kellas discuss licence round strategies

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Watch this three part video series featuring David Parkinson, Vice President, Upstream Consulting and Graham Kellas, Senior Vice President, Global Fiscal Research as they discuss the key themes, issues and challenges faced by governments when it comes to the licensing process.

Part 1: Key trends and approaches

David and Graham look at the key trends and the various approaches being taken by governments when it comes to developing licensing processes. They also discuss why the exploration market is hotting up and what it means for governments looking to decide on a licensing strategy. 


Part 2: The bidding process

David and Graham talk through the bidding process and how much flexibility we're seeing from governments when it comes to their approaches to licensing. They talk about the importance of data and transparency, then go on to explain why Mexico's transparent approach and adapting to industry feedback to tailor the offering to the opportunity is proving to be a winning formula.


Part 3: Industry regulations

The final short video takes a look at industry regulation and how governments regulate the industry once licences are awarded. They conclude by offering the advice that if governments want to optimise their licensing efforts they should combine a collaborative approach with a deep understanding of the needs of the industry and then set expectations so that the package offered is appropriate for the opportunity.


How we can help

Examples of how we can help include: development of detailed business plans, thorough analysis of fiscal regimes, resource potential, partnering strategy, fit with your company's capabilities and global portfolio, analysis and characterisation of strategic options, risk assessment, competitive landscape analysis and understanding the commercial environment.

With our expertise you'll be able to answer key questions such as:

  • How are global industry trends playing out and how will they affect you?
  • How do your proposed offerings compare with peer group countries competing for investment by the industry?
  • How should you design or modify your approach?

To ensure countries remain attractive as an investment opportunity, we can provide you with Investment Attraction and Licensing Advisory Consulting Services. To find out more, fill in the form and download our guide.

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David Parkinson, Vice President, Upstream Consulting


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