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Offshore exploration: Does volume equal value?

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In our final video instalment of this three-part exploration series, Research Director Julie Wilson illustrates how Wood Mackenzie's tools can help evaluate subsurface risk and benchmark your peers.

By analysing subsurface level data in surrounding blocks, explorers are more likely to find as-yet-undiscovered volumes — and improved confidence in their commercial value. 

Julie Wilson explains how multiple factors determine whether production volumes can truly offer value.


Frontier exploration continues to attract investment, especially in Latin America. Argentina's upcoming offshore licensing rounds are risky but opportunity-rich exploration acreage.

The majors and independent explorers will be attracted by the large block size, competitive fiscal regime and low up-front entry cost. We expect the majority of the blocks to receive bids.

To take advantage of these frontier opportunities, having tools at your disposal is not enough. Reliable, consistent subsurface data is critical to identifying and evaluating new growth opportunities based on leading indicators such as known production volumes, value metrics and corporate benchmarking.

Wood Mackenzie offers a suite of upstream and subsurface solutions to fit evolving needs. Access integrated datasets, analytical capabilities and insights from industry experts to benchmark operational activity, assess reservoir and production performance and make well-informed, data-driven decisions.