Drilling technology

Boomtown or bust: Can technology sustain US tight oil?

Can you visualise the future of US tight oil? The boom days of recent months are telling a story of 'more is more'. And in 2018, operations are poised to deliver to investors. But how long can it last?

Our video covers:

  • The challenges of 'geology vs. technology'
  • Drilling technologies that could boost production
  • Downside risk to those technologies
  • What's next

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With US tight oil having hit the 10 million barrel-per-day mark, it seems like nothing can stop its momentum. In our previous analysis of 'geology vs. technology' we explored the potential upside to production from drilling technologies that are gaining traction in the area, as well as the risks.

In our latest view, we've visualised the data and technology in a new outlook that show where US tight oil production is headed, and when we expect it to peak.


Lower 48 Upstream Research Director Jonathan Garrett breaks down the opportunities and risks in drilling US tight oil.


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