Asia Pacific gas & LNG: 5 things to look for in 2024

Predictions for the year ahead

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Miaoru Huang

Research Director, Asia Pacific Gas and LNG

Miaoru leads our Northeast Asia gas research.

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What's in this year's report?

2023 was a mixed bag for Asia Pacific's gas markets. Softening LNG prices supported LNG demand, but the strength of recovery was battered by economic headwinds, fiercer inter-fuel competitions and a mild winter at the beginning of the year.

Geopolitical events and near-term price volatility added to the challenges faced by policymakers already grappling to balance the trilemma of energy security, energy equity and environmental sustainability. 

So, what does 2024 hold for the Asia Pacific gas and LNG industry? In this insight, we draw on insight from Lens Gas & LNG to highlight five key themes our team is watching closely over the next 12 months. This includes: 

  • Contractual rights under the microscope
  • Regas underutilisation and shipping canal transit risks remain paramount
  • And more. 

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