Cathode and precursor: 5 things to look for in 2024

Predictions for the year ahead

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Yingchi Yang

Consultant, Battery Raw Material Service

Yingchi focuses on supply of global cathodes and precursors.

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Kane Carty

Senior Research Analyst, Cathodes and Precursors

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What's in this year's report?

The energy transition has brought about a new age of global competition for the lithium-ion battery market as companies race to secure raw material, strategic partners, long-term customers and adequate funding.

Previously, growth through R&D and scale led the way. But now, as we enter the early stages of an EV mass market, legislation, tariffs, and vertical integration must be navigated.

2024 will show further indicators of a maturing battery market. But what will this look like? Drawing on insight from our Cathode & Precursor Research Suite, this report highlights five key themes that will shape the market in the year ahead. This includes: 

  • How clarifications to existing legislation affect market growth
  • Pricing of cathodes and the underlying materials
  • The commercialisation of sodium-ion chemistries.
  • And more. 

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